CLLMM Centre supports Honours Students project in the Coorong

(Top Photo:GPS track on a chestnut teal)

The CLLMM Research Centre is beginning to roll out a comprehensive range of research projects addressing climate impacts and responses in the region, including supporting the development of early-stage researchers through, for example, undergraduate honours students research projects.

Honors student Freya Harrihill’s project is investigating the movement of Chestnut Teal, a common dabbling duck species, within the Coorong, Lower Lakes, and Murray Mouth (CLLMM) region of South Australia. Chestnut Teal were caught at Parnka Point within the Coorong National Park at the start of May over the course of two weeks and GPS trackers were deployed on 12 Chestnut Teal.

Photo: Walk-in bird trap.

They were caught using walk-in traps on the shoreline, which had grain placed to lure them inside. Twelve Chestnut Teal were caught and deployed with GPS transmitters, which attach to the ducks with backpack style harnesses. These harnesses will stay on the ducks for up to a few years. The GPS transmitters use phone networks to upload GPS data twice per day. The GPS data will be analysed to better understand how Chestnut Teal use habitats within the CLLMM region.

Photo: Chestnut teal movement to Lake Albert and back.

Freya will use the data to gain valuable insights into their movement and habitat use. Chestnut Teal numbers have been declining over the past 40 years within the CLLMM region, and they have never been tracked anywhere in Australia before. The CLLMM Research Centre is supporting the project and Freya is at The University of Adelaide and supervised by Dr Steven Delean and Dr Thomas Prowse, also based at The University of Adelaide.

Are you interested in find out more on her research? You can keep up to date with tracking Chestnut Teal through their Facebook page: Tracking Chestnut Teal SA | Facebook or through X (formerly Twitter) Tracking Chestnut Teal SA (@chestnuttealSA) / X.

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