Models & Data

Water Allocation Planning and Water Quality Improvement

Adelaide Plains Groundwater Model

ELCOM Hydrodynamic Model

HYDRUS 2D Model – Scott River Catchment

Statistical Model for Flow and Constituent Transport in Onkaparinga Catchment

Regional Climate Change Downscaling

Agricultural Production Systems Simulator (APSIM) Model

Cox Creek Groundwater Model

Generalized Linear Modelling of a Daily Climate Sequence (GLIMCLIM)

Multi-Variate Non-homogeneous Hidden Markov Model (MVNHMM)

Multivariate Daily Weather (non-rainfall) Generator

Onkaparinga Runoff Model

Source IMS v 3.5.0 –Cox Creek Catchment Model

River Murray

Black Water Risk Assessment Tool – Chowilla

Hydro-ecological Conceptual Model for Murray Darling Basin

Lower River Murray Flood Response Model

River Murray Floodplain Groundwater Model

Water Sensitive Urban Design

Frederick Street Stormwater Runoff Model

Paddocks Catchment Stormwater Runoff Model

Water Resources Mix for Adelaide

Integrated Urban Water Management Model

Parafield Stormwater Harvesting Runoff and Hazard Analysis Simulation Model

PHREEQC Model for Water Quality Impacts on Infrastructure

Water Community Resource Evaluation and Simulation System (WaterCress)

Surface Water, Groundwater, Wetland Relationships

Phytoplankton Growth Dilution Model

South-East Drain M Flow Forecasting Model

South-East Drain M Source Model

South-East Drain M Statistical Model

South-East Regional Groundwater Flow Model

South-East Regional Groundwater Flow Model – LEACHM Model

South-East Wetlands Ecology Model

South-East Wetlands-Groundwater Interaction Model