New research project in the South-East kicks off with aerial survey of groundwater

The new research project Adaptation of the South-Eastern drainage system under a changing climate has kicked off its fieldwork program with an airborne electromagnetic (AEM) survey along the coastline south of Mount Gambier. The project began last month and will help the Limestone Coast Landscape Board determine whether there are opportunities to manage water from the extensive drainage network […]

Limestone Coast Landscape Board partners with the Goyder Institute to investigate adaptation of the South-East drainage network

The Goyder Institute for Water Research is pleased to announce that it is partnering with the Limestone Coast Landscape Board for a new 2.5 year research project to help build resilience of agriculture and groundwater dependant ecosystems in the Limestone Coast region of South Australia. The Limestone Coast (LC) region contains a diverse and productive agricultural sector […]

Expert panel recommendations inform changes to groundwater management in the Lower Limestone Coast

The Minister for Environment and Water, The Honourable David Speirs, announced his strategy to address the risks to groundwater resources in the Lower Limestone Coast (LLC). This follows the Goyder Institute for Water Research’s review of the science underpinning reductions to water allocations in the 2013 LLC Water Allocation Plan (WAP) and an updated risk assessment. The WAP sets out […]