Goyder Institute wins national award for Research Excellence

The Goyder Institute for Water Research Partners were recently announced as winners of the Australian Water Association’s National Award for Research and Development Excellence. The award was for the Institute’s second term research program, reflecting the large, diverse, high-quality and impactful research of the Institute.

The award is a recognition of the tremendous dedication and efforts of everyone involved in contributing to a sustainable and prosperous water future for South Australia and Australia. In his acceptance speech, Institute Director Dr Kane Aldridge said “It is a great honor to receive this award on behalf of our Partners, who come together to collaborate on what is such an important field for Australia”. Kane thanked all those that made the second term research program such a success including the South Australian Government, Institute Partners, Management Board, Research Advisory Committee, Project Leaders and Teams, and Institute staff. Kane dedicated the award to Professor Peter Teasdale, highlighting that “Peter was member of our Research Advisory Committee who unfortunately passed away during the second term and typified the core values of the Institute in his genuine commitment to collaboration and training of our future water leaders”.

An independent evaluation highlighted that the second term research program delivered high-quality, independent research and advice to inform priority government policies. It involved 187 scientists from 19 project teams and 20 research organisations and informed 18 end-user groups to provide important cultural, economic, environmental and social benefits to South Australia and Australia. This included supporting the wellbeing of First Nations; delivering economic outcomes through sustainable use of recycled water and the discovery of new outback water; increasing carbon sequestration; and improving the health of the River Murray.

The evaluation and award highlighted that critical to these outcomes was the collaboration between partners – the South Australian Government through the Department for Environment and Water, CSIRO, Flinders University, The University of Adelaide, the University of South Australia and the International Centre of Excellence for Water Resources Management. The success of the collaboration not only allowed the Institute to deliver the successful research program, but has also led to the establishment of the third-term, such that the Institute can continue to support a sustainable and prosperous future.

The award was presented during the Australian Water Association’s #Owater’22 conference and exhibition in Brisbane on the 11 May 2022. 

It is an important step towards achieving the goal of the Strategic Plan 2020-2023 of increasing the national recognition of the Institute and builds on the Institute winning the South Australian R&D Award, with the Institute joining winners from other states and territories as finalists in the national award.

The Institute would like to congratulate all finalists and award winners of 2022 for their important contributions to water management across Australia.

Winners of the 2022 Australian Water Awards at the Ozwater’22 Gala Dinner in Brisbane 


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