ONE Basin Cooperative Research Centre takes another important step forward

Following the announcement of the ONE Basin Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) being shortlisted for the final stage of the current round of CRCs, the bid team recently submitted the stage 2 bid. This is an important milestone for the ONE Basin partnership that has developed over the past few years to address one of Australia’s most complex water challenges.

Together the ONE Basin CRC partners envisage a resilient and sustainable Murray-Darling Basin, powered by a strong innovation capacity that supports Basin communities, businesses, industries and water managers to adapt and thrive with changing global drivers. ONE Basin provides an exciting opportunity for the Goyder Institute to progress its Water for Agriculture and Climate Resilience Impact Areas outlined in our Strategic Plan 2020-2023Water for Agriculture aims to identify alternative water management options and optimised management of water portfolios to enhance agricultural productivity and underpin the economic and social well-being of regional and remote communities.

The Goyder Institute is one of seven Tier 1 partners of ONE Basin. The Institute’s partners, the South Australian Department for Environment and Water, The University of Adelaide, Flinders University, CSIRO and the South Australian Research and Development Institute also partnering in the ONE Basin CRC, along with the SA Department of Primary Industries and Regions (PIRSA).

With 90 partners from across the Basin that includes an important mix of leading industry, business, government and research organisations and communities, there has never been such a partnership assembled to address the future of the Basin. This will also support the goal of the Institute to continue to build on our collaborative model by developing new partnerships with industry, the Australian Government, interstate governments, First Nations, communities and other leading water research and industry organisations.

Following the stage 2 application being submitted, the bid team will soon participate in an interview, with outcomes announced in May 2022 and funding to start during the second half of 2022.

You can visit for more information or contact Goyder Institute Director Dr Kane Aldridge to discuss the ONE Basin CRC research program and partnership opportunities.

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