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Murray Darling Basin Plan and Review

The Murray Darling Basin Plan was signed into law in December 2012 and the Goyder Institute has been involved with the analyses of the consequences of this Plan from very early on:

  1. In November 2010 the South Australian Government invited the Goyder Institute to review the Guide to the Proposed Plan and to determine whether the proposed sustainable diversion limits would meet the Government’s environmental water requirements and improve or maintain water quality. The project produced a synthesis report that describes the findings of the science review
  2. The draft Basin Plan was released for consultation in November 2011 and the South Australian Government sought advice from the Goyder Institute on the likely ecological consequences for South Australia of the proposed Plan. The Goyder Institute assembled an Expert Panel to review the science underpinning this assessment for South Australian environmental assets. The Expert Panel report recommended that a wider range of possible scenarios be evaluated including additional volume and the relaxation of constraints
  3. Following the modelling of additional water recovery scenarios by the Murray Darling Basin Authority, a detailed evaluation of the model outputs was undertaken by SA Government scientists and peer-reviewed by the Goyder Institute.

This work by the Goyder Institute provided the South Australian Government with the necessary confidence about the quality of the assessments and the science that was used to underpin policy development, to support the negotiations with the Federal Government for a better plan that delivers enough water for the health of the river and its floodplains.

View more information on the South Australian government's science review of the MDBA modelling and draft plans here.


Photo: Claire Punter