How feasible is a water resource rating system for South Australia?

New research of the Goyder Institute for Water Research has evaluated the potential for developing a sustainability rating system for the management of water resources in South Australia. A team of researchers led by Dr Bethany Cooper of the University of South Australia, have found that it would be advantageous to develop an environmental, social and governance […]

The South Australian Government and Goyder Institute partner to establish a Water Ambassador

The South Australian Department for Environment and Water and the Goyder Institute have partnered to appoint Hon Karlene Maywald as the South Australian Water Ambassador for 2022-2023. This will be an important role for the South Australian water sector, focussed on enhancing collaboration between water businesses, governments, the state’s three universities and CSIRO to grow […]

New research project established to explore the feasibility of a water resource rating system

The South Australian Department for Environment and Water has recently commissioned the Goyder Institute for Water Research to investigate the potential to create an environmental, social and governance (ESG) rating system for water resources across the state. If feasible, the water rating system would be applied to both ‘native’ (i.e., natural waterways and groundwater systems) […]

Floods and recent climate projections highlight the importance of ongoing water reform

The recent floods in eastern Australia and regional South Australia have served as an unfortunate but important reminder of the devastating impacts that extreme weather events can have on communities. While it’s too early to determine the contribution of climate change to these events, we know that the severity and frequency of extreme events, such […]

ONE Basin Cooperative Research Centre takes another important step forward

Following the announcement of the ONE Basin Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) being shortlisted for the final stage of the current round of CRCs, the bid team recently submitted the stage 2 bid. This is an important milestone for the ONE Basin partnership that has developed over the past few years to address one of Australia’s most complex water challenges. […]

2022 shaping up to be an important year

We hope that everyone had a relaxing and enjoyable holiday season. We are all now well and truly ‘back on deck’ after spending some valuable time with family and friends in preparation for what will be an important year for the Institute. During 2022 we will be continuing to build on the achievements of 2020 […]

Great progress towards our third term goals as 2021 draws to a close

As we approach the end of 2021, we also reach the halfway mark of the third-term of the Institute. And so it is timely to reflect on the Institute’s achievements, which we have done in our 2021 Annual Report – Progress Towards 2023 Goals. It is pleasing to see the substantial progress to date – a […]

Call for participation – water resources conference at World Expo in Dubai

Water scarcity is an acute challenge for arid and semi-arid regions, and it impacts all aspects of sustainable development. As the driest state on the driest inhabited continent, South Australia has developed knowledge and capabilities in many aspects of water management and sustainability and is well placed to contribute to efforts in other parts of […]